Dating someone developmentally disabled

It is hard to explain but it is like they just plainly do not give a fuck if someone is gay or straight at all. But my friends who I volunteer for are really cool. I invite them to parties and everything. Maybe she was on the lower side of average herself r I think there had to be something very wrong with her mentally or emotionally.

I know some fatties and some are were desperate and married what they could get, but none married mentally handicapped people. This planet is lucky to have you r R14, was the mentally diabled gay couple in Portland? I think I've seen them before if so, and they are really sweet together. I remember watching a TV movie from way back about a young mentally disabled couple who meet and marry. I don't remember the name of it but it starred Shaun Cassidy and Lilly Purl.

I remember it being very touching and supposedly based on a true story. His daughters were at least as "slow" as he was. All nice, law-abiding, decent people -- big church goers Protestant. Look up Doug Forbis. These people have a condition where their spines are not fully formed. They have most or all of the soft tissue "equipment", but it's all squished together when they are "sitting" on it.

Some of them have small non-functional legs and choose to have them removed.

In the small town my family was originally from, a scandal occured when a widow woman neighbor married a relatively handsome but "slow" man young enough to be her son. My religious grandmother rejected the judgemental gossip of the townspeople, saying she thought that God had made him childlike and innocent and she believed he did not have any sexual urges. My uncle who had gone to school with him laughed at her behind her back for believing that, telling us that the man might be somewhat retarded but he had the largest penis he had ever seen, and that in high school the sluttier girls had a game where they used to ask him to show it to them but then the girls would run away giggling once he took it out and it immediately grew hard.

I will say she did became one of the most cheerful 60 year olds I have ever seen, she had a glow until the day she died. When she died in her sleep many years later, he came running to my grandmother's house, tears streaming down his face and said "Miss Loretta, I looked over at her when I woke up I think Bertha has done drawn her last breath".

I am of normal intelligence and I am married to a man with an IQ of Its nearly impossible to know what he will do next, what will anger him and if I can trust him at all. I know a guy who literally has the intelligence of a 14 or 15 year old. Sometimes I'm convinced he suffers from traumatic brain injury, or he's legitimately retarded.

Do you know any normal/mentally retarded couples?

Fortunately, his wife is young and immature, but even she thinks something's off with him. A guy I went to high school married a developmentally delayed girl. She was high functioning but could never have lived on her own; he was intelligent but socially very awkward. It's an unusual marriage but they've been together 15 years now and seem happy. Yeah r25, I would have fucked the hell out of retarded Tim in that movie.

That was before Mel started oozing creepiness. I grew up in a small town and my grandparents lived next door to a a couple, the wife was of average intelligence and her husband had a low IQ. The husband worked as a janitor for the local school district. He rotated between the schools. I saw him working at my middle school and high school. There was gossip around town that his wife used to cheat on him.

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To the dumbass who called that sweet lady a desperate fatty. You obviously have a very ugly heart and a very ugly inside which im sure reflects your outside as well. People with mental disabilities are human beings and deserve love like everyone else. I am a fit and attractive woman. I have my RN and i work very hard. I have been dating a man that has problems such as these and i feel i have been blessed to meet such a person.

He has such a great personality and keeps me laughing all the time. He is kind, caring, loving and compassionate. He is brave and adventurous and He has a beautiful heart and a beautiful soul that shines all the way to the outside. And i have fallen in love with him. I am not desperate. I am just in love with a beautiful person, and there is nothing wrong with that. They are special, beautiful people who are carved innocently and perfectly by God. Anyone who is in love with, or is loved by peopele like these have been blessed by the good Lord himself. My friend's aunt was mentally retarded.

My friend's grandmother was incredibly wealthy. An opportunist married her, thinking the old bat would die any minute, he'd inherit half her fortune, and could then dump the retarded wife. They had a son, who is normal.

However, the aunt was incapable of caring for the son. So, after two years of marriage, the husband left her, taking the son with him. He didn't divorce her, though, still thinking of future fortune. The grandmother instituted divorce proceedings once the couple had lived apart for a year.

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She had sent the daughter away, so the husband couldn't find her. He challenged the divorce, but it was granted anyways. I've met a two or three such couples in the course of my job, where the "normal" person has a sort of caretaker role and is very much in charge of the marriage.

I suppose that's part of the attraction, and yes, they mostly seemed happy together. In every case, there wasn't a lot of money, good looks, or good prospects to go around in the marriage. None of these people were going to get a lot of offers.

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I know of people who have had brain injuries and continue in their same marriage. I guess some love goes that deep. I know a woman of normal intelligence who married a mentally diminished guy. He's to retarded per se, but due to a traumatic head injury that occurred before they got married, he's pretty slow. It doesn't make sense from a biological standpoint since we "normals" are wired to chase after the strongest possible genes to ensure subsequent healthy offspring. I was just thinking yesterday of the family down the block that terrorized me as a child.

I think the parents were of low IQ.

Do you know any normal/mentally retarded couples?

Not retarded, but maybe an 80 on the IQ scale. I think the husband worked as a janitor or something that didn't require a lot of brain power. The house was falling apart. They had maybe 6 or so children, and they were all out of control. The kids beat up everybody on the block.

Roy, the boy my age, hung himself as an adolescent, as did his friend. I heard they had a suicide pact, but I always thought it was auto-erotic asphyxiation. His older brother lost all his teeth and gets drunk all day long now. I imagine the kids all turned out bad.